March 10, 2015

Twitter & Facebook were no strangers to politicians. Now please welcome Instagram!

We have been witnessing the rise of social media platforms in political campaigns. Twitter became the number one place to talk one on one with your politicians. Voters expressed their most synthetic and honest feelings through 140 characters. We saw Obama read some of the meanest tweets addressed to him. Then we saw the beginning of great campaigning on Facebook. Strong communities built around a single person, interacting, discovering and uniting forces for their political representatives.

It’s now time for Instagram to rise and shine.

See Hillary Clinton, check Obama – every modern politician has now replaced their old-fashioned website photo galleries with a direct link to their Instagram account. And that couldn’t be a more awesome idea. Instagram is well-known for its cool high interactivity and its way of making photos feel more like a personal visual diary rather than just a rant of your political achievements or projects. And voters seem to have figured that out.

According to a Pew study, the photo-sharing service surpassed Twitter when it came to users, in 2014. Racial minorities are much more likely to use Instagram than white, apparently. And Instagram use also seems to have higher scores among the very young, with 53 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds on it.

It’s important for politicians and their communication team to understand how Instagram can be used to attract key groups. In a world where digital technology and the Internet revolutionize every aspect of our existence, politics need to set their sights on platforms like these. It’s time for a change!

And here is how you can start to easily communicate on Instagram:

  1. Document your participation at events
  2. Share a glance of your personal life
  3. Selfies. Yes.
  4. Share videos
  5. Get creative
  6. Be authentic and personal!

Build your own identity, your own style of communication and monitor the reaction of your followers. They are the best clue if what you are doing is good or bad.