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Listen to your voters!

Whether it is information related to a political candidate, party or certain issues, you must know at all times what sparks voters' interest. Have a clear picture of how they react to your posts and tweets using accurate social media reports.

Pay attention to social media action!

It always matters what voters think about you, so pay close attention to our sentiment analysis algorithms and what they tell you about your political persona. Don't forget to moderate your social media pages using an overview of all comments and replies based on engagement or their publishing date.

Profile your voters and supporters?

You've listened to them, now it's time to study their political preferences and digital behavior. Have access to powerful insights on their voting affinity and social media influence to make sure you are addressing the right people at the right time.

Analyze the opposition!

Keep an eye on your voters, but don't forget about your opponents! Compare your results with the Competitors Analysis feature and see how you position yourself on social media using Majoritas advanced prediction models.

Check the latest social media trends!

Stay constantly updated with the latest trends on social media and observe voters’ behavior in the online environment. See what voters say about an event or an issue using hashtags (#) while also getting an idea of what political topics influence your community’s engagement and emotional reaction.

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