The Majoritas M 4.0

“There can be no winning political campaign without a strong online presence augmented by powerful technologies”.

Majoritas Ecosystem is a unique solution to meet particular requirements and fulfil expectations of political actors from democracies around the world. Taking advantage of experience gained in the conduct of numerous campaigns worldwide, and in variable settings, Majoritas technology was built gradually with a view to providing answers to emerging requests and challenges.

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Majoritas Monitoring Room
Track, gather and measure the interest towards your brand.

This analytical and reporting tool will help you measure brand awareness, manage reputation and analyze the competition’s performance. Whether you need to do an audit, a research, to manage a PR crisis or to make a report, this tool allows you to assess how a brand is perceived.

Majoritas Data Room
Leverage data in making possible custom-made political communication

A state-of-the-art reporting tool providing high-level information on all the people, in all the ecosystem’s databases, helping you plan the next steps in getting voters more involved in the campaign.

Majoritas Survey Room
Run thoroughly targeted media campaigns. More specifically. More efficiently.

A tool to help you master targeted advertising and reach key audiences at the right place, at the right time, with the right message, based on a “profile of the online voter”.

Majoritas Connect Room
Communicate appropriately. Build trust. Win votes.

An easy-to-use platform to help you maintain and nurture relationships with supporters and party members through continuous communication on multiple channels.

Majoritas Engagement Room
Transforming sympathizers into sure voters.

A complementary digital platform that brings together members, supporters and potential voters into one single community. Through engaging content, missions and mechanisms, the Engagement Room transforms users into volunteers and sure voters.

Majoritas Party Management Room
Generate maximum efficiency with maximum trust within your party.

A one-of-a-kind internal management platform, designed to help you organize your party in all aspects. Take control over the political organization and digitalize all databases, communicate news & decisions at every level and access statistics and important information about your party branches and members at all times.

Majoritas Open Canvassing
Map the electorate and identify your voters

Make use of technology in order to maximize results from door-to-door canvassing campaigns and identifying sure voters, persuadable voters and opposition’s voters.

Majoritas GOTV (Go Out To Vote)
Digitally enhanced voter mobilization

A product designed to create and manage a database of voters and to mobilize them on Election Day, maximizing the probability of achieving the number of votes needed to win.

Majoritas DoV (Day of Vote)
Get control over the final day of a political campaign.

A comprehensive tool designed to collect data from polling stations about the voter turnout and parallel counting, based on mobile reports from observers and delegates.