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The most efficient website creation tool that allows you to build everything from the get-go and empower your online presence throughout the campaign.

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Quick and easy website launch

In the digital age, everything is moving with the speed of light. Use this tool when you need to run your website launch as smooth and fast as possible. Check, double check and go live!

A wide array of easy-to-customize templates

Whether you're a running for the first time, you want to refresh your online presence, build a blog or recreate your party website, Majoritas Presence Room will do the trick for anything. Our predefined and easy-to-customize templates are tailored for every need!

100% user friendly and responsive!

Built to be easy to go through - from your team to your voters - Majoritas Presence Room will also ease your work when creating landing pages for awareness and fundraising campaigns or any other issue.

All websites managed from one place!

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for you to update content on multiple websites at the same time. Take control of your online presence and entire campaign with a cost-efficient solution.

In-depth insights from analytics

Access and study meaningful patterns in your website data to know what your voters want to see and how you may interact with them through your websites.

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