June 18, 2015

Pia Mancini | #politicianofthemonth

Pia Mancini is possibly one of the most inspirational figures in modern politics, if you ask us. If you want to see her “in action”, check this out.  After watching it, from this point on, everything is just a matter of intense google searching and Internet stalking.

Before diving into this humble ode to Pia Mancini, please keep in mind that this article is generally over-the-top excited so the tone of voice may be, at times, too enthusiastic. Bear with us, please!

To start with, Pia is one of the founders of the Net Party, a political party headquartered in Argentina. Founded in April 2012, Partido de la Red (how it is called in Spanish) proposes an online form of liquid democracy  (of which we will be talking in a separate post) by bringing citizens to the core of the decision making process. It is an initiative meant to promote direct democracy through new technologies, especially using the Internet.

It has become more and more obvious to most of us (hopefully) that the Internet can have the biggest impact on the citizen – representative type of relationship. At least that’s how we see it. In the 21st century, social activities, dynamic communities, activists, all those that want to have an impact on society, in general, communicate with each other through the Internet and new technologies. They engage, they raise awareness, build and ultimately act for their causes using the online world. And it is an amazing thing to observe, nonetheless.

But let’s find out more about Pia and how she plans on making a “democracy of the 21st century”.

When we first heard about DemocracyOS, it almost seemed to good to be true. Can a mobile app bring the much needed transparent communication between citizens and the government? Soon enough we realized that this is not probably the most adequate question that we can ask ourselves. In the end, it’s all a matter of setting a certain pace for revolutionizing the political world.

And Democracy OS is doing that. By building an open source app for collaborative decision making and the easy governance of organizations and communities, Mancini and her team managed to place a stepping stone on the road to modern-day transparent politics. According to their official website, DemocracyOS (you can find more about it here & here) evolved to become one of the most used platforms for collaborative decision-making and it got translated into 15 languages. Not too shabby!

Moreover, in her TEDxTalk (How to upgrade democracy for the Internet), Pia Mancini gives out one of the best and most representative headlines for what politics should be like, in our time. Still in a transitioning phase, we are witnessing a paradigm shift from ”No taxation without representation” to ” No representation without a conversation”. Which is probably the most concentrated definition of what is going on (or should be happening) in politics right now.

And we can’t help but agree with her on that. All of our collective efforts, as companies, as individuals involved in the digital revolution of politics burn down to one thing: giving voters and politicians alike the chance to make their voices heard in their community or society, all the while building a modern and efficient democracy.

With people like Pia Mancini and those behind DemocracyOS, we’re surely on the right track with this one. It’s time to prove that the Internet is here to change the game. Now or never.


Photo Source: www.piamancini.com