Organize your party’s activity in a powerful and efficient way

Majoritas Party Management Room
A unique internal management product designed for you to gain control while organizing your party and its activities.

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Have control over your members.

Be constantly updated about each member status in your party,
by having a clear overview of their roles and responsibilities. General statistics are also available for you to know the status of all the key indicators within your party.

Add new members. Check the statistics.

Want to manage your members’ activities in an efficient and timely manner? Contact them in no time, assign public or political dignities and access statistics about their status and evolution.

Create surveys. Assign operators. Receive integrated reports about the party activity.

Gaining control over your party requires constant access to relevant information about the entire activity, through reports and relevant feedback. Staying in touch with your members is highly important, as well as attracting supporters and citizens into offering you feedback about the party’s activity.

Create objectives. Assign important tasks. Add voters to the database. Access statistics.

Do you need to optimize the all activities of a party during a time of elections? Through highly operational databases, you can now have a clear view over the party members’ roles and obligations during such a time, gaining complete control over all the delegates, observers and militants in every voting section.

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