Our Majoritas Ecosystem to your Advantage

In over 10 years of campaigning we identified key needs of politicians, parties and
local institutions
so we decided to create the right Cloud and Assisted Campaign technology as the ideal integrated solution. You now have the tools to be online, communicate, get support, organize your party or Grassroots teams and eventually win votes.

Majoritas Ads Room

Reach voters at scale using proper insights and accurate targeting

Majoritas Presence Room

Stay online and stand out with your Party, Candidate or Personal website

Majoritas Connect Room

You got to know them, now it's time to communicate with your voters and keep them engaged

Majoritas Engagement Room

Target voters and transform them into active campaign volunteers

Majoritas Party Management Room

Keep an eye on your party and mobilize members in the organization

Majoritas Social Room

Empower your social media reputation and gain access to social and political insights

Majoritas Data Room

Blend multiple types of data that will generate insights, predictions and micro-targeting techniques