January 3, 2015

Opening the Majoritas Blog

Testing, testing! It is about time everyone pays attention to us, because we have new things in store for you.

The right moment is here – to take the digital relationship with our followers to another, higher level. Our team worked hard and here it is: the new Majoritas blog!

We will be keeping you updated with everything happening in the digital politics world. Tips and tricks, new technologies for political communication and campaigning, awesome innovations and everything campaigners and politicians need to know about the infinite world of the Internet – you will all get it from here.

Still, knowing everything about the latest technology is not enough when it comes to political campaigns. So we will be constantly taking you through the beautiful and intriguing world of politics. Everything from key historical figures to upcoming political campaigns and elecions – you will find out on our blog.

Besides giving you all the news about technology and politics, we will also be presenting valuable insights on our products and services, giving you a clear overview of everything we do.

All in all, our new Majoritas blog platform will be an interactive way of keeping you updated with all the awesome things that we are preparing for you and eveything that’s happening around the world.

We are more than ever determined to make better politics. Bringing people closer to the digital and politicians closer to their voters. The Internet is our way and we will make the most of it!

Stay tuned!