September 25, 2015

Narendra Modi | Story of one of the most tech savvy politicians of our days

You’ve probably heard of Narendra Modi. Prime minister of India, worldwide popular political figure and that guy with over 15 Million Twitter followers.

Since taking office as Prime Minister, his main purpose was to reform and modernize India’s government. From reducing bureaucracy to improving national standards of health and foreign relations, Mr. Modi proved his political greatness, not without some controversial sparks here and there.

Why is he #politicianofthemonth for Majoritas? Most of his approach in political & socio-economical matters pretty much transpires in his online presence.

First, you have his website that can put to shame many tech companies. It’s clear, it’s organized and it gives you easy access to all the information that you want to know about the Prime minister. What sparked our interest was the difference that he makes between Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister and Narendra Modi, The Person. Even though that may seem disruptive for the electorate, we might argue it is the other way around. People rarely associate a politician with his more humane side and when they do, it’s usually to outline that person’s flaws. But what Narendra Modi does is show to his people that he is more than just a Prime Minister. He is a man of many occupations and essences. Using tabs like “Journey so far”, “Why Modi”, “Humble beginnings” he speaks to his voters in a way that very few politicians do nowadays.

Then we have social media. He brilliantly manages to 360 connect with his voters, supporters using a mix of compassionate, humane & politically on point related tweets, statuses. No wonder he has more than 15 Million followers on Twitter and 30 Million page likes on Facebook. He constantly communicates with his digital electorate and manages to stay on top of the Internet game.

Even more, in June, he released his official Narendra Modi Mobile app that offers you regular updates, blog posts, interviews and messages from the Prime Minister. People are connected to the politician every minute of the day through an awesome gamification approach that offers badges and points as a reward for filling out questionnaires and listening to Mr. Modi’s speeches. Yes, this may seem like a mere detail, but it’s small things like these that build up the bigger picture. And the bigger picture tells us that tones of governments have tried incorporating e-governance into their strategies and spectacularly failed while doing so. Whereas, Modi is taking the M-governance way and being successful while at it.

And if you come to think about it, it is not just about his tech savviness. Yes, we dedicate this section mostly to politicians who managed to step into the digital era and make that much needed shift in their political approach, but when we think of Narendra Modi we see more than just his websites or social media pages. And that’s because he knows how to communicate with his people and we’ve said that at least two times in this article, so we are clearly impressed. Anyone can have a great UI/UX team and kickass political consultants, but it takes personal effort and dedication to show to your voters who you truly are. It’s the only way they can understand you, your policy and, ultimately, the only way you can work together with them, for building a better society.

Oh, and did we mention that Mr. Modi also writes poetry? You can check some of his works on his website and you’ll also find poems translated in English scattered over the world wide web.

Lastly, we encourage you to check out his social media pages and website. You will not only find a digital savvy politician, but also a man of incredible wisdom and modesty!