April 20, 2016

Must Read for Campaign Managers

In our industry, you nearly have time to read and when you read, you want to digest a really great book. The Reasoning Voter by Samuel Popkin is in that short list. An insider’s take on political campaigns, candidates and media, this book is a gold mine for Campaign Managers, Political Consultants and Digital Campaigners. Popkins’ thorough research across data, human behavior and economic landscape proves that voters, armed with relevant information about candidates, do take rational decisions inside voting booths.

Quoting James Carville, Senior Strategist for Clintons’ ’92 presidential campaign “If you’re preparing to run a presidential campaign, and only have time to read one book, make sure to read Sam Popkin’s The Reasoning Voter. If you have time to read two books, read The Reasoning Voter twice.”

Samuel L. Popkin, a notorious political scientist and political consultant in Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and in other campaigns across Europe and Canada, is definitely the guy you want to be reading in these exciting digital times!