February 9, 2016

Mauricio Macri and the start of a fresh Argentina

2015 was an amazing year for politics, both in terms of technology and elections-wise. We’ve witnessed the rise (and fall) of many political figures, all in the context of an ongoing paradigm shift in the relationship between voters and politicians.

One particular example caught our attention though. We’ve seen his victory and witnessed his entire progress, especially in the online environment. So let’s steer our boats and make a quick stop in Argentina.

From a representative democracy to military regimes and dictatorship, from kirchnerism to its first “Facebook president”, Argentina’s history is rich in events and political circumstances. With a tech startup scene that continues to bloom, the presence of Mauricio Macri as president of the country seems the right fit and a necessary step for everyone.

Many people might think dubbing him “Facebook president” seems condescending. It is not. For Mauricio Macri’s political actions were not only Facebook or Internet related. His quest for becoming president of Argentina had a solid foundation, one that he managed to transform into a coherent political program and ultimately a story. A story to be told to his voters through technology and the power of social media.

A 56 year old engineer and former mayor of Buenos Aires, he didn’t get much attention as player in the race for the presidential seat. But soon enough he managed to unite behind him all those who wanted, from voters to political parties.

Still, his history goes way back. Son of Franco Macri, the renowned Argentinian tycoon, Mauricio Macri was himself an experimented businessman. At 24 years, he was singing deals with Donald Trump. A couple of years later he becomes president of Boca Juniors Football Club and uses his success to build his way towards political victory.

But what makes Mauricio Macri so special besides his history as a politician and young businessman? His social media skills, of course. A list of his online awesomeness below:

1. He was the most mentioned politician on Twitter during the counting of the votes. Out of 2.6 million mentions on Twitter, 65% were of Mauricio Macri, with hashtags used such as #Presidente, #Gana, #Elecciones2015, #Si or #MacriPresidente.[1]

2. He always live streams every important announcement or ceremony that concerns voters on his Facebook page and any other social networks. Like he did during the announcement of his new cabinet.

3. Moreover, he updated his Facebook page by giving each of his appointed ministers their own emoji to match their job. Trying to appeal to the millennial voters much? How cool is that?

Mauricio Macri Facebook post in which he presents the new ministers using emojis

Source: http://fusion.net/story/241310/argentinas-facebook-president-announces-his-cabinet-with-emojis/ via Mauricio Macri’s Official Facebook Page


4. His high level of interaction on Facebook and on-point social media content got him in the same top as Barack Obama, as one of the “most engaged” politicians on the Internet.[2]

5. Ever since he was mayor of Buenos Aires he used social media just the way it should be used. Directly addressing his core voters, reaching out to his supporters, showing them that Mauricio Macri is, above all, able to empathize with the country’s issues.

Facebook post from Mauricio Macri's Facebook page

6. His wife, Juliana Awada, is also pretty social media savvy. She set up an Instagram account where she frequently posts candid shots of her and president Macri, along with their children.

Instagram post from Juliana, Mauricio Macri's wife

Source: https://www.instagram.com/juliana.awada/


Lastly, three months into becoming president of Argentina and he is still on top of the social media game. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself and check out his social media pages!

So happy birthday, Mauricio Macri – president of Argentina, social media extraordinaire and #politicianofthemonth over here, at Majoritas!


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[2] http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/obama-popular-facebook/