November 10, 2015

Lucian and Majoritas at Wharton | A lifetime experience!

Public speaking is a tough thing to do. Whoever said it first knew one’s onions pretty well. It is undoubtedly a meticulous performance: it takes courage, the right mindset and tenacity to talk to a group of people, with all eyes set on you. Then, when you think you are done, there is always a Q&A session that just tops everything off.

This is not the case with  Lucian, our CEO here at Majoritas. To him, every conference, seminar, discourse or  public speaking event  (you name it!) is yet another opportunity to inspire his audience and talk about what  he loves most – entrepreneurship, politics and social media. This is why when the Wharton School of Business invited Lucian  to talk about his work as part of the conference series called ‘Creativity and Leadership’, he couldn’t say ‘no’.

Imagine a full house of eager students at the Wharton School of Business nearly spellbound as Lucian was taking them through Majoritas’s beginnings. No rhetoric, but a casual yet uplifting ‘chat’ on creativity, entrepreneurship, social media, and indeed politics. As simple as you would think 2+2=4, but with a twist.

Picture of The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

”The Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania” | Photo taken from Lucian Despoiu’s Instagram account

At Majoritas, we are a tad jealous we couldn’t join the students at the Wharton as some stories drew upon our very first digital and political victories, rarely unveiled to an audience other than our ‘office crowd’ over the ‘Friday drinks’.  Lucian also exhibited our most recent efforts in trying to educate both voters and citizens around the world with the help of technology and through the power of Internet. As you may know, we strongly believe social media, technology and data can harness political leadership and drive popular support if used wisely. Take Prime Minister Edi Rama for example, they saw for themselves how the Majoritas Ecosystem works and what makes opinion leaders tick.

A snapshot of Lucian speaking during the conference at Wharton School

But we all know that a group of smart and curious students is not an easy crowd to deal with. Their eager minds are always prepared with all sorts of hypothesis and questions and that can be quite difficult even for excellent speakers. However, not only were these MBA students „one of the most brilliant [i.e. audience] (…) that bombarded me with tones of questions” says Lucian, “but also the overall atmosphere was extremely pleasant and relaxed, to the point that there was even time left for some jokes”.

It was indeed an amazing event and a lovely audience. We must say Lucian is really looking forward to the next opportunity of discuss about Majoritas’s credo and our stories from the frontline of digital politics. Bringing together two different worlds (i.e.  voters and politicians) with varied needs and interests to communicate and work together, with the help of social media and technology, is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? But why take our word for granted? Do pay us a visit and we will show you what work is like beyond the scenes.

Thank you Wharton School of Business, Lauder Institute and Mauro Guillen, Director of Lauder Institute! (with whom Lucian has not missed the chance to talk and, of course, take a selfie).

A selfie with Lucian Despoiu and Mauro Guillen


And last, but not least, thank you for the invitation, amazing opportunity and the guidance, Ravi Chidambaram – President and Co-Founder of TC Capital!

A picture of Ravi Chidambaram