August 21, 2015

Jón Gnarr | Melting hearts with humour & politics

Our view this month moves to some place colder than Latin America. An unexplored spot on the map of digital politics, but an important place nonetheless.

Considered by many a peculiar figure in politics, he managed to win the voters’ confidence through clever thinking, revolutionary ideas and well, social media. Of course.

Our #politicianofthemonth, this August, is Jon Gnarr. Actor, comedian and politician who served as the Mayor of Reykjavik, from 2010 to 2014, Gnarr managed to convince voters that he is the right choice for the people of Reykjavik despite lacking a political background or any kind of political support.

Probably one of the most obvious things in his campaign and throughout his mandate as Mayor was his direct engagement with citizens/fans via social media. Known as an eccentric when it comes to his opinions and political moves, Gnarr constantly communicated with his electorate through personal & witty messages. He was an ongoing fighter for transparency in municipal politics and a strong defender of human rights.

Given his acting background, Gnarr didn’t lose an occasion to expose himself and his political views. He did everything from refusing meetings with figures whose interests he believed didn’t cater to the needs of citizens, to dressing up in drag for supporting the gay community in Iceland and all around the world.

He believed that social media & information are the ultimate weapons in fighting corruption and bringing clearance to decision making processes that should also involve the community.

Sure, you could say that most part of his success was due to his charm & uncanny attitude in a world where politicians have difficulties in appearing more human & open to their digital voters. But what Jon Gnarr did was give his voters a voice. He nourished a solid relationship with his citizens and managed to give answers and solutions in a time of crisis for Iceland.

A combination of political intuition, humor & bravery, no wonder Jon Gnarr was dubbed world’s most interesting mayor. And now wonder he is our Majoritas #politicianofthemonth.


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