May 20, 2015

Isabel Martínez de Perón | the world’s first female president

Apparently, we have a thing for female politicians but we can’t help it, to be honest! There are so many remarkable women throughout history that it would be such a shame to not show them into the Internet limelight once in a while.

And because Majoritas is all about politics, this month will be dedicated to Isabel Martinez de Peron, the first female president in the whole wide world!

Isabel was married to one of Argentina’s former presidents, Juan Perón, and served as vice president under him. Juan Peron died in 1974, while still being in office as president and Isabel became president until March 1976.

While she was generally well-liked before taking office and becoming president of Argentina, her two year presidency was nothing short of difficult. Violence was the best word to describe her entire term, with various politically oriented groups constantly challenging Peron and her political decisions. Economy eventually took a downturn and things started crumbling around her and the people of Argentina. In March of 1976, she was forced to resign from office and put under house arrest for five years while being accused of getting involved in the “forced disappearance” of people during the Dirty War in Argentina.

Politically speaking, Isabel Peron’s presidential mandate was a time touched by violence, poverty and riots. But history has a way of showing us there’s a moral to every story.

So despite the fact that her presidency was not the best, Isabel Martinez paved the way for women to hold leadership positions in politics. And it’s exactly the case for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the current president of Argentina.

It’s clear that women have their special place in the history of politics, but we sometimes can’t help but wonder… Who will we remember when discussing the female figures of digital politics? Will it be Hillary Clinton? Condoleezza Rice? Can any predictions be made at this point?