September 10, 2015

Front End Developer wanted at Majoritas!

Do you write your e-mails in HTML paragraphs? Is WordPress your best buddy?

We are obviously kidding. But we’re pretty serious when we say we’re looking for an awesome Front End Developer. Someone who wants to work with an experienced & multicultural team and grow together with us, on both a personal & professional level. Without further ado, here’s what our new colleague should have.


• Very good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (at least 4 years)
• Knowledge of CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
• Experience in responsive / adaptive website development
• Knowledge of design software for implementation purposes (Photoshop);
• Experienced in JavaScript, including an understanding of Object Oriented Programming, AJAX, JSON
• Experience with front end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation by Zurb
• Strong knowledge of WordPress (Knowledge of existing built-in WordPress functions, Creation of custom WordPress Themes)
• Strong portfolio
• Good communication skills in English


• Experience with SVG or HTML5 Canvas
• A technical background obtained from a technical High School or University (Computer Science, Automation, Telecommunication)
• An eye for UX / design
• Accustomed with using source versioning systems such as GIT or SVN

What do you think? Send us an e-mail at along with at least four of your best projects. Don’t forget to explain what technologies you used for each!