January 12, 2015

Facebook launches the “Call-to-action” button

You have probably already noticed that Facebook has been “cooking up” something new and awesome. The Call-to-action button has been popping up on quite a few public pages. Most of the brands that already have it, placed it under the link title and within the description.

In this blog post we’re going to explore the functionalities and advantages of the Call-to-action Facebook button. Let’s take it step by step.

First of all, the Call-to-action button comes in many varieties and includes several types such as: Download, Shop Now, Sign Up, Learn More.

Apparently, the fact that Facebook launched a new functional button for brand pages shouldn’t be such a big deal. But it is. For the obvious reasons. A personalized Call-to-action button means higher click-through rates. People need an incentive in order to act, so a button of this type is the best way to keep your voters as dynamic and connected to you as possible.

Another great thing about the CTA button (let’s call it that way, CTA meaning short for Call-To-Action) is its efficiency in terms of implementation. Most social media experts and marketers, in general, have to focus on combining messages in specific images, when it comes to promoting. But everyone knows about the infamous “20% text” Facebook rule that bugs us all.

With the new CTA button, as a marketer, you may now focus on more enhancing messages posted on the Facebook page.

Having a Call-to-action button makes place for tons of functionalities that can determine the sure growth of your page, assuring your digital success.

And since where at it, we cannot think about the political implications it may have. During a political campaign or a time of elections, a Call-to-action button works perfectly as the ideal way of inviting your people to either vote, volunteer or donate in your campaign. Through a simple and visible button, you can now connect your Facebook electorate and prompt him to explore your other digital platform. Thus assuring their engagement, their constant interest and, ultimately, their loyalty.