March 25, 2015

Facebook Blueprint is officially here!

Good news for those of you who make Facebook an important part of your political campaign. Politicians, marketers, strategists… Facebook Blueprint is here!

A newly created study program for those that want to boost their knowledge in advertising, using the network or simply managing a public page, Facebook Blueprint is not only a collection of information, but also a series of modules that can be studied intensively to grasp every notion of the social media platform.

The entire feature includes 35 classes with study themes such as: Targeting Standard & Lookalike Audiences, Campaign Optimization – A/B Testing, Reporting, Measurement and many, many more.

Facebook Blueprint gives you the opportunity of going through all the important information and having a clear overview when it comes to the platform’s essential functions.

These practically designed eLearning modules give you the chance to grasp every notion of the whole Facebook advertising and strategy process, adapting and choosing your classes according to your political purposes. The Facebook Blueprint platform has been made available for both desktop and Mobile 24/7, giving every user the ability to learn wherever and whenever. Whether you’re at the beginning of your political marketing career, high on the tide of strategy building or even a political candidate, this platform is essential for you to understand the benefits of social media in your campaign. It has numerous case studies for every explained feature and it takes you through all of Facebook’s advantages.

According to the Facebook staff, it takes an approximate amount of 8 hours to go through the entire platform. Needless to say, we encourage everyone to challenge themselves for these 8 hours and take the online classes. It is an amazing opportunity for all of those that activate in the digital politics field, for every digital & political staff to stand out in a crowded segment, proving to voters & politicians alike, that the online path is filled with the greatest assets of them all!

Stay tuned for we will be preparing a series of extended articles about how to apply, with tips and tricks for every digital devotee making magic in the world of politics.