Engage your voters and transform them into active volunteers

Majoritas Engagement Room
An integrated platform that allows you to reunite supporters and potential voters into one single community while engaging and transforming them into active volunteers and ultimately sure voters.

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Constantly engage your active volunteers

Want to keep your potential voters close to you and your campaign? Communicate with them in an integrated way and make them interact within the dashboard.

Collect data about your active volunteers

Design volunteer profiles to gather as much data as possible and further use it for properly communicating with them throughout the entire campaign.

Build a self-sustainable and ever-growing digital community

Not only can you attract supporters from other networks, your active volunteers can also grow their community even more. Through a system of ”gamification” and recommendations, active volunteers can bring other supporters into the platform.

Pay attention to feedback and optimize your community

Pay close attention to interactions within your digital community and make sure to always check the product's proficient database. You will have access to valuable insights about your volunteers that can be used to optimize the platform at any time during the campaign.