February 8, 2015

Eleanor Roosevelt | The definition of an amazing woman

Our February #politicianofthemonth was Eleanor Roosevelt. Nicknamed by many “First Lady of the World” she was a champion for human rights. Her humanitarian efforts for children and those in need earned her the love and respect of everyone across the globe.

The perfect example of a fighter, Eleanor surpassed them all. An unhappy childhood, an early marriage and the constant turmoil of her political activity, as a woman.

Often representing a rare, yet incredible combination of strength and sensibility, women in politics played (and still are, up to this day) a highly important role in politics. Found most of the times “behind the scene”, always supporting their partners, just like Eleanor did, such women change the course of history and manage to influence people with their intuitive approach.

Eleanor was one of those women. An active First Lady, a woman who didn’t just have a decorative role, but was also constantly active. As a First Lady, Eleanor traveled across the United States, visiting numerous facilities for various categories of people. She was a pioneer in advocating for civil rights for African Americans. She supported and encouraged women, American workers, the poor and young people to fight for their rights. She supported government-funded projects for artists and writers. Ultimately, Eleanor constantly encouraged her husband to appoint more women in key political positions.

When it came to society and its proper functioning, to politics and education, Eleanor Roosevelt supported diversity and balance. Her entire activity stands as a universal testimony for the feminine power in politics. If she were to be still among us today, we would definitely put her at the top of our cool digital politicians of all times.

 Photo source: http://research.archives.gov/