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Majoritas Data Room
The first Data Warehouse solution for political campaigns that allows you to store and organize historical dataand use it for any type of actions during your campaigns.

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Organize your data in a central repository

Store all of your campaign data in a centralized depository and use it to organize and leverage all data in various actions throughout your campaigns.

Monitor, measure and evaluate your campaigns

Structure and analyze data based on different attributes and objectives to measure campaigns, reallocate budgets and plan your next steps.

Learn more about your voters

Get a detailed profile of your voters by learning more about their demographics and their preferences. Understand trends and access data available in the room in order to build your target segmentation.

Store historical data about voters

Instead of keeping valuable data about your voters in files and folders, store them in a single place. From there, you can access, change, re-organize and use it at all times.

Make predictions throughout your campaign

With the right algorithms you can now create predictions on what actions to take, the best strategy, voter turnout, voters’ behavior - projecting yourself on the winning track and saving more time.

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