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The ideal platform that allows you to keep in touch with voters via email, SMS and voice campaigns to maintain long-lasting relationships that can turn into offline support.

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Is this the first time you're sending your supporters an email or SMS during the campaign? First, make sure you have permission to use their information. After that upload your contacts, create target segments, add the content and you're good to go!

Keep your supporters engaged with relevant content!

You want people to believe in you? Send them relevant and transparent content. Pay attention to voters' expectations and the campaign agenda so you will always generate personalized messages that go right to the core.

Get to know your target!

Constantly test your campaigns and pay attention to your supporters. Get their feedback through polls and interviews and learn about their intentions and perceptions on you or the campaign.

Be smart with your SMS campaigns!

We may be living in a digital era, but Bulk SMS is still a very affordable and easy-to-customize solution. Your personalized SMS will be sent containing different parameters collected from the voter profile. A SMS/MMS vendor will be required.

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