6 Presidents, 8 Prime Ministers, 20 Parties

More than 10 years ago we felt we could change politics by connecting Politicians with Voters through a common path.
How does that path look today?

We Built A Political Ecosystem

What Was Our Vision?

We imagined genuine connections between politicians and voters. We dreamed of representatives working with citizens and creating powerful societies. So we started building the tools to pave the way towards:

Dynamic Political Campaigns

Target, engage and empower voters throughout your campaign

Effective Political Communication

Spark conversations for convincing voters and politicians to work together

Meaningful Digital Handshakes

Build connections before winning votes

Majoritas was founded in Romania by Lucian Despoiu
and quickly became a global tech company with offices in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America currently working for politicians all over the world.

Offering the ultimate political ecosystem that includes SaaS tools and custom campaigns technology, campaign services, teams, trainings and data services

In-depth experience in running over 20 campaigns in different nations and cultures. We have worked alongside 5 Presidents, 8 Prime Ministers and 20 Parties.

We worked with both office-holders and opposition members. From Presidential races to Gubernatorial, General or Local Elections, we have done it all.