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August 14, 2017

The Ten Commandments of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

Most of us already know a thing or two about online advertising. We have witnessed one of the best online advertising campaigns from international brands and we’ve been following smaller companies doing their thing and coming up with bright ideas…

Hillary Clinton and Narendra Modi featured on a blog image for Majoritas
July 22, 2016

Politicians and Digital Education

If last week we tackled the ”Bored of Democracy” Syndrome and its issues, we’re shifting to a more optimist t ...

July 7, 2016

The “Bored of Democracy” Syndrome

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, “bored of democracy” is a thing nowadays.  If you’re paying just a bit of attenti ...

A Brexit logo redesigned by Majoritas
June 24, 2016

Brexit | Under the online lens

We are living interesting times, my friends… Moments in history where one goes to sleep safe and sound and wa ...

Michelle and Barack Obama embracing each other in various Instagram filters
March 10, 2015

Twitter & Facebook were no strangers to politicians. Now please welcome Instagram!

We have been witnessing the rise of social media platforms in political campaigns. Twitter became the number one pl ...

Man facing the computer screen looking at a Facebook page
January 12, 2015

Facebook launches the “Call-to-action” button

You have probably already noticed that Facebook has been “cooking up” something new and awesome. The Call-to-ac ...

Man arranging his tie
January 8, 2015

Digital tips, tricks, trends and all those shenanigans

2015, like any other year, is all about trends and the latest news in the digital world. Innovation means evolution ...