#political technology

September 7, 2015

Data Visualization in Politics | What’s the deal?

Data visualization is becoming more and more important in every domain within society: medical technology, energy, finance. You name it. But what about politics? When it comes to studying politics, we are facing a large corpus of various kinds of…

An image of USA's map representing the Gerrymandering technique
July 23, 2015

Gerrymandering | We drew a map to a better place

The English speaking world, in all of its magnificence, has a word to describe almost everything, and a very charac ...

A picture of John Nash in a library
June 9, 2015

Politics & Mathematics | Legislative cooperation with Nash Equilibriums

Brace yourselves, because this is one long and detailed blog post. You have been warned! Why would opposing parties ...

Man arranging his tie
January 8, 2015

Digital tips, tricks, trends and all those shenanigans

2015, like any other year, is all about trends and the latest news in the digital world. Innovation means evolution ...

People waving
January 3, 2015

Opening the Majoritas Blog

Testing, testing! It is about time everyone pays attention to us, because we have new things in store for you. The ...