January 8, 2015

Digital tips, tricks, trends and all those shenanigans

2015, like any other year, is all about trends and the latest news in the digital world. Innovation means evolution so this year is all about defining and finding out how to be visionary and dynamic in digital marketing. Abstract concepts no longer please us, so it’s time we take it to the next level and learn how to create and maintain digital relationships with fans, customers, clients and voters. Let’s get it started!

1. Empathy is the new black!

A bit over-the-top poetic and fashionable this one, but you get the point. When it comes to customer experience, empathy is the most important. As a marketer, take a moment to place yourself in your customer’s position. Is your message clear enough? Is your product 100% functional? Are your services seen as practical and efficient or do people tend to perceive it as a digital “mumbo jumbo”? These questions lead us to number two, which is:

2. Be generous and useful at the same time!

In the online world, there is no time and it most certainly isn’t the place to be too abstract or pretentious. People need to see, feel and understand that your product, your services and your brand is useful and caters to their needs. Keep that in mind, because the next logical step is:

3. Stay on top of the content writing game!

Marketers need to be proud of what they write. Their vision, their words, everything needs to be put out there in order to ensure a humanly tone of voice, a relaxed and efficient approach and, basically, a clear and effective way of saying your brand is the best!
When it comes to politics, the same principles apply just as accurately. Voters are no different than customers when it comes to constant engagement. Politicians become brands and voters become customers. Their votes and actions during political campaigns and elections can only transform into solid relationships between the leader and his people, if all the digital efforts of a politician and his/her staff converge towards a single, ultimate purpose: making it about the voter!